Mother's Day/Night (24*7*Eternity)

Wow....Mom...mirror image isn't it :) 
Epitome of laziness is Me!! Called mummy late in the evening...spoke and forgot to wish her the obvious and thank her as well 😛. But wow again, She reminds me...hey isn't it mother's day, you're supposed to call earlier and thank me 😂 Hahaha....couldn't control the laughter...Happy Mother's Day :) ❤ then she tells me about some TV show (Mother's Day special) where the daughter lives away from the house and calls her Mom and wishes her and asks her what gifts she wants, Mom says, 
1- you're a lazy kid.. Go clean up your room. Kid does it ( I am thinking well, I am better than that kid ☺️) 
2- Eat your favorite food. Kid was on a diet to lose weight but again Mommy's order, ate some gooood food! ( Me : I love foood &  yepp, I had dinner outside) 
3- drink kadha..good for your health! Kid obeys again. ( Me : I drank tea) 
Kid...Mom you still have anything else,. Mom says yes, last thing 
4- wear traditional clothes with ornaments blah blah and send me a picture. Kid does it (...and I am like, OK...too much.. Now you're pushing yourself 😂) 

Hahah...Happy Mother's Day!!! It's a good way to say it :) but ya...we kids always love you even when we are the obnoxious brats!! And you're mostly right about most of the things ☺️ #FirstLove ❤ #ForeverLove!! Thanks for being patient with me 😌

something good . . .

A Dreamless Sleep & a Hopeless Heart ...
That’s All I Pray,.
Enough of Broken Dreams & an Empty Heart…
Enough ! being a witness to my world being ripped apart !!
A Dreamless Sleep & a Hopeless Heart …

One Day I Miss You…
The Next day,
You make sure My Hangover stays !! ;)

First Date :)

Once upon a time… okay...there still lives an amiable & cute girl “Teddy”. This is a small story – significant one though J about the all stud “Gummy Bear” & “Teddy”
Story begins when Teddy joins a new club with friends & Gummy Bear is the Guy who impresses her. She definitely likes that guy but thought it’s not possible, but something always told her she can have her way J Gummy Bear...Dude have you ever had any idea that he liked her J Cut short he added her in Facebook,.thus started an atmosphere of friendship..Flirtatious friendship to be precise ;)
1st Date wasn’t far behind – Teddy’s first First Date’..  Gummy Bear picks Teddy & they head to the most exotic buffet dinner in the city. Friday Night..shimmering light..perfect ambience & boy ! What more to help the mood than the exotic food J Ride back home – takes a long drive turn – windows down – music – inebriant as the catalyst.. Words didn’t ask for anyone’s help !!
Ride back home, still no wish to go back to room.. Gummy Bear mentors Teddy how to drive a car.. One long hour- the best driving session Teddy ever had J
Time to go Home |Time is so ruthless|
Alas! They go back to respective places with zillions of thoughts unshared !! only to stay awake till the shyness of the night is encroached by the rising sun . . . taking their thoughts to their dreams J



Yepp…I’m back.. Wanted to hit my laptop keys badly for so many days..But I guess it was worth the wait. What really brings me back, is nothing great than our own Indian Cricket worshipped by billions in India & world over.
April 30th’2010 – ICC T-20 WC  kicks off in The Caribbean.
India, underdogs’ after getting out of the tournament the previous time, being the reigning champions then, kick off to an expected good start against the Afghani Talibans’. Next match bestowed India with another win against The Proteas.
Top of the Table in Group C.
India; the first team to qualify for the super-eights with an all win record in the league. Well done India J
May 07th’2010 …
India has Match with The Kangaroos.
My friends & Me planned to watch the match over some drinks in Xtreme sports bar. Managed to reach there after much hassle, only to find our destined abode crammed. ‘sob-sob’ My idea of fun goes flop & we retreat. Nay, how can we.. We head to B-flat Bar nearby…cozy seating..Candlelight..One on one drinks..Ambience was perfect. While India gave us the reason not to cry over unwatched game with lowered Spirits in the Xtreme Sports. I had Cosmo’ to start with, then a walk on the beach concluded with an Irish Coffee was worth the High spirits we were in without the Xtreme Sports.
May 09th ‘2010…
India needs to win against the Hosts’ to keep chances of going thru the semis alive..Alas!! They do what they are best in..Disappoint the zillions waiting @ home . Somebody stated in FB, please come back..don’t embarrass us against the Lankans now.
May 11th ‘ 2010 …
India take on the previous time finalists & neighbor ‘Sri Lanka …
I am in office & my colleague comes & asks, ‘not watching the match… you got the television right over.’ I am like, ‘nay..have better things to do’. Finished some interesting’ work & head towards the cafeteria to find people still hoping for an Indian win to savor some pride.
I guess somebody had to remind the Captain, that they were playing T-20 WC & not Test match…Pathetic display by the Indian captain in the span of time I saw the match.
Who cares…got cab to catch… we leave….

May 12th- 1:53 am – get a sms from Manoj “Indian Cricket deserved it”.
I had no updates, so Googled for the exact status…hmmm.. The Lankans won .. Congrats..
I reply, “Chill bhaiya..when we expect more..nothin happens..”
Manoj,” You call it expecting more shiv? Just one out of the 3 matches. Forget qualifying for the semis. At least they should have managed to win one out of 3. Then I wouldn have send this message.”
Obvious reasons..When it’z about Cricket- emotions do run High !!
My explanation was on the lines that the team was quite High in Spirits after beating the Afghanis  and The Proteas, & the Hangover prevented them from even performing remotely well in the next three encounters. The Indian Captain had just snatched the IPL championship from the favourites Mumbai Indians..went till super-eight( improved since last time)
Don’t blame the poor fellow..he played cricket till he drank 4 litres of milk everyday… Too much of socializing..oops.. I meant cricket’ & 4 beers substituting the milk.. took a toll of the lad.

Disclaimer - MSD.. No offence.. Though Beer has never the solution to any problem, neither has Milk been.. Your personal choice.. I just want India to rise n' shine J

[P.S. – thanks Manoj bhaiya..for your high on emotion msg.. I did something I was cribbin’ for in so many days J ]